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We can help you configure, manage, upgrade, modify, or run the Zen-Cart™ e-commerce shopping cart. We have extensive Zen Cart consulting and programming experience, running some large businesses of our own in the past on Zen Cart. We did heavy modifications to make Zen Cart perform for our business model. For most customers, modifications are typically small in nature. We can help with Zen Cart on many Unix like platforms such as freeBSD™ and Linux. Zen Cart is a great, free, e-commerce package and shopping cart.

Zen Cart has a fair number of downloadable contributions and enhancements. They do not always fit exactly what you want to do though. So, sometimes, changes are needed. If you do not have the skills to do so, consider us for Zen Cart consulting, programming, and help. We wrote the Fedex™ shipping contribution for osCommerce™, which was then ported to Zen Cart. We wrote a Paypal™ direct payments module. We integrated Zen Cart with phplist so that when a customer creates an account and wants to sign up for your newsletter, it adds them to phplist and sends the confirmation email. This allows you to not get in trouble for signing people up who did not intend to (SPAM, perhaps a forged email address), and, also allows you to set delays between mailing list emails so as to not exceed your hosting providers hourly limits. We interfaced a credit card processor to Zen Cart, made changes to add more item attributes, added more tables, and much more.

Here are some types of Zen Cart changes you might consider us for, though we can do many other changes as well. It’s just to give you an idea of the Zen Cart consulting work we can do:

  • New Zen Cart Payment Module
  • New Shipping Module
  • phplist Integration.
  • Add new Product Types
  • Load and or change programming on existing contributions to meet your needs
  • Integrate Zen Cart with a vendor of your products
  • Integrate Zen Cart with other systems
  • Add captcha forms
  • Port osCommerce modules to Zen Cart
  • Accept PO based on customer
  • MAP pricing
  • Group pricing
  • And much more

We can do most any Zen Cart consulting or programming work and give advice on how to use the system. Just contact us.

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