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Kall8 is a toll free number provider and service. Unlike most toll free numbers, Kall8 adds numerous value added features. So, before writing it off as slightly more expensive than some other provider, read on... Toll Free is far cheaper than it used to be, do not pinch pennies if you need more than just a toll free number. Kall8 can also transfer your existing toll free number to their service.

Toll Free numbers are not numbers like local numbers, i.e., they do not come with any type of connection to your location. There is no “line”. With a toll free number, you point the toll free number to a land line, a local phone line. So, someone might dial 800-nnn-nnnn but it will ring 972-nnn-nnnn. That’s all a toll free number is when you buy them from the local phone company or most other providers. Some toll free is VOIP (which is why it is cheap), watch for that if you do not want to experiment with VOIP. Most toll free number providers also will not give you the full capabilities of toll free, such as displaying the callers phone number (even when not available). Toll free does not use caller id, so, you can block caller id all you want, it won’t stop a toll free number from getting your number when you call a toll free number.

So, why would you want Kall8? Let’s provide some advantages over your local phone companies toll free service and most others:
  1. As discussed above, you get the phone number of the caller. This can be sent to you by translating it to caller ID for your phone or phone system, it can be accessed online in real time, you can even get an email. This can eliminate the loss of a callers number, perhaps you did not write it down or hear it correctly. Why lose business?
  2. It comes with voicemail and the ability to receive faxes. This can be useful if you do not have a fax machine and need to receive faxes. It is also good if you do not have a phone system, and rely just on phones. While your system or phone may indeed have voicemail, if you get more callers than you can answer or more than you have local lines, then, your voicemail won't work. Kall8 will take the message under all conditions. Don't lose business due to lost messages or busy signals.
  3. You can do conference calls. Up to 25 people can call your toll free number and be in a conference. Easy to set up a conference online. This can be a good way to earn business.
  4. Sophisticated call routing. You can block calls from certain areas, this can be by area code, prefix, state, or even numbers. You could choose to route them to voicemail, generate a busy signal, and more. Or, based on the phone number calling you, you can route the call to different numbers. Perhaps you have someone responsible for certain states or regions. You can route based on time of day, perhaps you have someone on the East and West Coasts to handle calls at different times. This is a very powerful feature for smaller businesses and large. It's expensive from your local phone company. Use your people to your advantage.
  5. As mentioned above, you can get email notification of calls. This will show you caller phone #, where the call was sent, time, length of a call. This is perfect for keeping archives of calls where you do not have a phone system to do call accounting. Another way to not lose numbers and business. Consider keeping notes with the email notification.
  6. You can manage all features online, and change them real time, no need to call the phone company and hope they change something for you. This can be very powerful. In our example above dealing with call routing, perhaps your East coast office needs to close early today, something happened. Simply log into your account, and change the settings.
  7. Kall8 can be set to function like an auto attendant system for more sophisticated needs. This is an add-on feature that does cost extra. The auto attendant can contain greetings, multiple menus, extensions, and more. Kall8 can even record them for you. You can do follow me routing, have extension voicemail, an option to record calls, and more. This is similar to a virtual PBX. But a lot more as you get all the other features of Kall8 as well. In many businesses, it's a GOOD thing to get the caller to the person they want to talk to. Don't frustrate customers by sending the call to the wrong person. This is a perfect solution when you have employees who are decentralized and not very expensive. Some businesses or customers won't do business with you if they think you are small or a one person operation. An auto attendant is one way to change that perception.
  8. Kall8 can do call hunting. This can be circular for call distribution, or, sequential. Kall8 can try a number, then, try the next number and so on. Get your customers in touch! There is a slight fee to use this service.
  9. You can place a web call button on your web site. When the user clicks on this button, a call will be placed to them via a phone # they enter, connecting them to you.
  10. For a minor fee, Kall8 can announce the toll free number called. You can use this to track advertising campaigns, so, you give out multiple toll free numbers, one for each campaign or use. Or, you can be informed if a call is for sales or tech support in this manner by giving out two toll free numbers and using call announce. This may make it sound as if you are a larger company, which can earn you business.
  11. Another add-on is call recording. Kall8 can record calls, on either an intermittent basis, or, all calls. There are many instances where this can be useful, for training purposes, to keep history of customer calls and authorizations to charge their credit card, and more. You can add notes to calls online. You can also download the recorded calls, or, choose to keep them for along time for archive purposes.
  12. A very powerful add-on feature previously available to large companies is address lookup service.  This means when a customer calls you, based on their phone number, their address is looked up and is available to you. This can be for all calls, or, on specific calls. This can be very useful for marketing campaigns to follow up and send letters to customers, for missed calls, to collect demographic information, and more. Generally, this will not work for cell phone users or unlisted numbers.
  13. Toll free numbers get surcharged when customers call from a pay phone , the FCC requires this. It's also in many businesses an indication of a scammer. You can choose to block pay phone calls.
  14. Finally, Kall8 can also provide VOIP termination for your calls for a fee. This requires some sort of phone system, phone, or ATA that can accept VOIP terminated phone lines. It even works with pc software such a X-Lite.
If you need any assistance with understanding Kall8 before buying it, please contact us. We can help you make the right decision.


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