Redesign Your Technology Platform

At some point every organization needs to consider technology upgrades. Improved processing capabilities and greater demands for more robust applications can be a daunting prospect for businesses to face. Major factors including cost of new equipment, ensuring the investment provides many years of use, and keeping in mind future expansions are key components of a successful infrastructure upgrade. When it comes time to redesign your technology platform, it would be wise to account for cloud computing and virtualization technologies. Maximizing hardware usage and encouraging greater collaborative efforts in the workplace will realize this objective.

Dell IT solutions offer a wide range of different technology products that fit a variety of budgets and information processing needs. Choosing equipment that will enable employees to complete duties with ease while implementing a purchasing strategy that enables future enhancements to the equipment should be major components of a technology platform redesign strategy. Including the demands of cloud concepts will allow the budget for outsource services to be utilized in a fashion that provides maximum benefits for the organization. Understanding how concerted efforts in completing projects are driving forces in adopting cloud technology services.
If an organization is new to utilizing cloud computing services, it may be prudent to implement applications on a tiered approach. Instead of requiring the entire technology platform switch immediately to an outsource mode of operation, allow employees to gain trust and comfort with the paradigm shift. Begin with smaller processing projects to gain trust in the security and processing capabilities of the tools. Once the workforce understands they can complete tasks in a timely manner, the redesign will meet with minimal dissatisfaction. For some employees, daily operations will undergo a major change. Completing work may present a learning curve. Show support to the workforce by implementing training opportunities and allow employees time to adapt. This will improve the overall morale and help gain acceptance of the platform redesign.

Once workers gain a level of comfort, efforts toward virtualization can become the top priority for the future of the organization’s technology needs. With a workforce fully acquainted on how to perform their duties without concerns, the IT department can finalize the redesign efforts. Installing the final pieces of Dell IT solutions can be done behind the scenes. A seamless integration with the entire infrastructure will not impact the daily routine of the workforce. Employees can continue operations as normal and management will be satisfied with meeting technology needs within the limits of the budget. Proper planning before implementing changes while keeping an eye toward the future allows a technology platform redesign initiative to solidify an organization infrastructure's needs for many years to come.
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