Dish Network, Blockbuster Movie Pass Thoughts

Dish Network now has a add-on for Blockbuster Movie Pass, providing competition to Netflix at least for Dish users. But, is it a good deal? One users thoughts.
Dish Network now has a $10 per month add-on to their satellite service called Blockbuster Movie Pass. Some are speaking highly of it, others are not. For me, this is a killer add-on and money saver, and, I am not even a new user who get’s it for free for a year.

I was subscribed to top 250 ($69.99) and dish platinum ($10), along with Netflix dvd by mail ($8). That totals to $87.99 per month, plus taxes. When Dish announced Blockbuster Movie Pass, my first thought was great, do I really need Netflix. After reviewing the dvds available in my Netflix queue, I could see they were all also on Blockbuster, so, I quickly saved that $8 per month by canceling Netflix. While I was previously already paying $10 per month for Dish Platinum, that went away, so, instead, I am paying $10 per month for Blockbuster Movie Pass, so, no change there. Savings: $8 per month + taxes.

Then, I started looking at channels. I was comparing Dish network bundles top 200 vs 250. I lose quite a few channels I watch if I downgraded. Except, many of the ones I watch are added by Blockbuster Movie Pass (example: the epix channels, Hallmark movie channel, etc). Some of the channels I lost have content available via Blockbuster movie pass streaming, so, that is not a loss either. It came down to I was only losing 2 channels I watch, Biography and Science. Well, for $10 per month for those 2 channels, not worth it. I can get Science channel shows I watch on DVD by mail, so, not an issue. Have not checked into Biography channel yet. So, there is little reason not to downgrade, thus saving $10 per month + taxes, for the loss of one channels content (if not available on DVD). It is well worth it!

So, in the end, I saved over $19 per month, including taxes. I still have dvds by mail, and, I now can get bluray and games, which I could not do with Netflix, a net gain for me. And I also gain the ability to stop by the Blockbuster store 1 mile from my house, which I drive by all the time anyway to return a movie and get a new one for free. This is a great benefit this new partnership!
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