Modify Snow Leopard Server Apache Config

Need to modify your Snow Leopard Server Apache configuration, and not lose your changes? It takes just a simple trick.
We came across a reason to modify the Snow Leopard Server Apache configuration, which we did by manually editing the /etc/apache2/httpd.conf file. The problem was, if you did any changes in the Server admin program to Apache, or even started it from there, the changes would revert back in many cases. We had to add a server with specialized proxy forwards for a Java site. But it would not keep the manual configuration when we added the site to the /etc/apache2/sites directory. So, what to do?

We just used a simple trick. At the bottom of the httpd.conf file, we added a line:

Include “/etc/apache2/mysites/*.conf”

This line never seem to be removed, so, we can then make new sites and changes via the mysites directory. Changes we make in files there are never deleted by Snow Leopard server. So, we can use Server Admin for all normal things, and, use our custom configuration when necessary.
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