Adding a new Product Type in Zen Cart

Have you ever wanted to go down the rod of creating a new product type in Zen Cart, but, found the documentation lacking? We present a howto, but only for those already skilled in Zen Cart programming.

Adding a new product type in Zen Cart is a great way to insulate yourself from Zen Cart updates, without having to worry about all the code you changed. Go ahead and add all the fields you want, change product screens, etc.

Adding a new product type is not a trivial task. You do need skills! Read More...

Moving and Testing your e-commerce site

So, you decided to move your e-commerce website to another hosting provider. The site has been moved, and, you want to test it to make sure that it works before you switch DNS. After all, you don’t want your site to be down, you want it up accepting orders! But, you notice you can’t navigate your new site using a test domain. Read More...

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